The Quiet Days Are the Hardest…

will_photo_bannerMy dear friend, Will Gray, is fighting cancer and fighting for his life. Here is a reflection I wrote today for #GoTeamGray while visiting him in L.A.

The Quiet Days Are the Hardest…

…at least for me.

Quiet days are the ones when Will mostly rests and there is little interaction except for eating and taking medicine. The last few days have been quiet days.

These days are hard because we do not know what it all means. We do not know what is going on with Will’s body while he rests. We know that allowing him the needed rest is the right thing to do. So, in the words of Will, we do the next right thing. We give him space to rest. We cut vegetables and juice for his next meal. We pray. We hope. We wait. We prepare for tomorrow.

Every day with Will, even a quiet one, is a blessing. Lord, thank you for these last few days. Please give us tomorrow with him, then another tomorrow, another tomorrow, and another…

Friends, thank you praying and seeking the latest news on Will. If the blog goes quiet for a few days, you can assume they have been quiet days. You can assume that Will is resting while he continues the fight. Please keep praying with all your might and faith that God will heal William.

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