Ooma: Our New Phone Service

ImageOn the recommendation of my brother-in-law (thank you Phillip), we switched our phone service to Ooma. Switching still feels like blasphemy to me given my family’s employment and stockholding history with BellSouth/AT&T. Excepting my nostalgia, our switch to Ooma has been great.

I purchased the Ooma device for $135 at Amazon (Purchase Ooma Here). Ooma requires an internet connection. It connects directly to your router and to the phone wiring in your house. It took me about 5 minutes to do this. Once these steps are complete, Ooma functions just like your previous phone provider with one important exception. The cost is much lower! Ooma costs me (in Tennessee) $3.71 per month. Ooma was even able to transfer my existing phone number.

Our family stands solidly with Ooma. Do you have any experiences with Ooma? What do you think?

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