Quote: God Constantly Surprises

Incredibly, the Old Testament teaches that God is able to sustain the weary, heal the hurting, judge the wicked, empower the oppressed and do anything else necessary to be a loving Creator. Thus the Old Testament tells a vital story. It speaks of major issues to real people. It portrays a magnificent and all-sufficient God who constantly surprises his followers with a perfect blend of power and goodness. No wonder these texts have captivated readers through the centuries.

Paul House, Old Testament Theology

I am preparing for a new sermon series through the Minor Prophets at my church. While reading this morning, I found this excellent quote, and I reinvigorated to pursue meeting God in the Minor Prophets. So, I pray…

Father, would You captivate my soul again with yourself? Would you teach me of your justice, mercy, compassion, and faithfulness? Would you change me by allowing me to see you?